Standards-based Mountain Exploration Field Study

Exploration Hannon is a mountain geology and ecology field study program designed around the processes and skills of scientific inquiry.

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Discover the Beauty of the Mountain

Exploration Hannon is a field study program for grades 3-8 held in the beautiful South Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.

Students will discover science concepts and engage in scientific thinking through investigations that explore the topographical phenomenon called the Blue Ridge Escarpment - a drastic and sudden 3,000-foot shift in elevation from flat piedmont to steep mountains that forms an abrupt “blue wall.”

Enjoy 1-3 days of environmental education, data collection, team building and pure mountain fun! An optional zip line canopy tour and evening activities round out this unforgettable outdoor learning experience!

Mountain Geology & Ecology

  • Use the rock cycle model to construct explanations of geological phenomena including the formation of the Appalachian Mountains and the movement of plate tectonics, folds, and faults.
  • Discover and observe plant and animal interactions.
  • Investigate biotic and abiotic factors within terrestrial ecosystems
  • Learn how natural processes and human activities affect the features of Earth's landforms.

Stream Mapping

  • Identify and observe types of water features in the mountain stream.
  • Calculate both the speed and flow of the river by performing experiments, collecting the necessary data and graphing the result.
  • Design and build a model boat to race down the stream using the evidence and observations gathered.

Aquatic Ecology

  • Conduct a scientific investigation in the mountain stream
  • Ask questions, generate hypothesis, test predictions and develop explanations
  • Test water quality in a stream and pond
  • Explore biotic and abiotic factors within this aquatic ecosystem

Map & Compass

  • Students will learn how to read a topographical map
  • Students will learn how to navigate around camp with a compass
  • Combine the map and compass to explore this unique landform and ecosystem

Additional Adventure Activities

(ask for additional details and pricing)

  • Canoeing
  • Canopy tour*
  • Climbing tower*
  • Leap of faith*
  • Rappelling*
  • Teams Course

*Adventure activities may have additional restrictions


  • Schedule

    Our typical program runs from Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. We also offer one- and two-day programs depending on your priorities.

  • Capacity

    Camp Hannon is a full-service facility with professional staff, a swimming area, and sleeping capacity of 76 participants.

    We love working with groups of all sizes.

  • Pricing

    $140/student & $70/adult chaperone. Includes all meals, lodging and data books. Number of chaperones may be limited based on dormitory space.

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Exploration Hannon runs all through the school year. For information, submit a request information form.

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