Standards-Based Mountain Exploration Field Study

Exploration Hannon is a mountain geology and ecology field study program designed around the processes and skills of scientific inquiry.

Key Topics

Mountain Geology & Ecology

Mountain geology and ecology involves studying the formation of the Appalachian Mountains, plate tectonics, plant and animal interactions, terrestrial ecosystems, and the impact of natural processes and human activities on Earth's landforms.

Stream Mapping

Stream mapping involves identifying water features in mountain streams, measuring the speed and flow of the river through experiments and data collection, and constructing model boats for racing based on gathered evidence and observations.

Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic ecology involves scientific investigations in mountain streams, testing water quality, and exploring biotic and abiotic factors in the ecosystem.

Map & Compass

In the Map & Compass activity, students learn to read topographical maps, navigate using a compass, and combine these skills to explore a distinctive landform and ecosystem.

"My favorite class was Aquatic Ecology. No activity was my least favorite, I LOVED THEM ALL! I learned about different species of plants and animals and how to have a good attitude. It was SO much fun and I want to come back!!!"

Located in Sunet, SC

Camp Hannon

Located in Sunet, SC, roughly an hour outside of Greenville. Visitors will experience the beauty of South Carolina’s upstate, all while partaking in guided activities, both group and individual, to immerse themselves in the mountain ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to foster community through intense team-building experiences or simply explore the great outdoors, come find your inspiration for adventure at Camp Hannon today.

We have additional activities available


Climbing Tower

Leap of Faith


Teams Course

*Adventure activities may have . Please ask about additional details and pricing.

Three wonderful days

Program Details

Our typical program runs from Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. We also offer one- and two-day programs depending on your priorities.

We have a full-service kitchen, gym, swimming area, and sleeping capacity for 76 students.

"The trip would be better if I got to stay here longer. I learned that “mucky” waters aren’t so “mucky”, how to canoe, how to shoot a bow, how to make a fire, how to build a shelter and so much more"

Not all activities are available to all participants, as some activities have age and/or size restrictions.

The following are minimum age requirements:
  • Climbing Tower - Ages 6 and up
  • Natural Rock Wall - Ages 10 and up
  • Rappel Tower - Ages 10 and up
  • Giants Ladder - Ages 10 and up
  • Leap of Faith - Ages 10 and up
  • Canopy Tour - Ages 10 and up
*Any activity not listed has no minimum age requirement. These activities are subject to change, depending on weather, staff availability or acts of third parties beyond our control.

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